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As a parent, we always want our children’s daily necessities to be the best. For example, baby food, toys, clothes, etc. But one of the hardest choices for new parents is choosing the best cribs for their kids.

If you and your family love to travel or spend the night at baby grandma’s house, you must have one of the best portable cribs for grandma’s house. Your baby will sleep better if you have these portable cribs.

There are thousands of portable cribs available in the market today with different designs and features. But they are not always good, so you cannot decide which crib is best for you.

So we’ve compiled a list of the nine best portable cribs you can afford, considering the ease of assembly and disassembly, portability, safety, durability, and especially the age range of the various cribs available in the market.

Also, later, we provided a complete guide on what to look for when choosing a good multi-purpose portable crib.

Let’s dive in

  • Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Crib 

Dream On Me is a family-owned business focusing on highly creative and talented work. Their industry experience and professionalism have taken them to another height.

They regularly invent and develop new products for children. Favorite and trusted by parents and family for their sleek design and exceptional quality.

Dream On Me is a reliable address if you want to get everything affordable and quality for your baby. Because they make all kinds of safe and durable products according to your needs.

This cage is not a standard full-size crib or a small crib. Rather it is a medium-sized crib.

It’s one of the best portable cribs for grandma’s house, and it comes in three color variations of your choice.


The Dream On Me 2 in 1 portable crib weighs about 32 pounds. It is easily portable.

The crib has four wheels attached to its four legs and can be locked. You can easily transfer the crib from your bedroom or any other room.

After you place the cage somewhere, you must lock the wheel so that the cage does not move while your baby is inside. It gives you a restful and comfortable sleep at night.

Creative construction

You can conveniently use 1 in 2 portable cribs. It is a crib with versatile features.

An interesting feature of this crib is the designs like patented rail systems in the United States. You can use it as an ideal crib when you keep your sleeping baby in it. Adjust the mattress level to a lower setting when your child plays again to get a playpen. Great!

You can fold this crib flat so that it can be easily carried and stored in the car or anywhere else.

Safe and strong

This portable crib is made of hard pine wood. Pinewood is extremely strong and durable. It is the most convenient choice on the market for long-term use.

The railings on the side of the crib are high enough, and your baby is safe in it. There is no fear of falling from the crib.

No toxins are used to make these cribs. It is free from BPA, lead, and many other harmful chemical toxins. It has received a Greengard certificate for eco-friendliness.


This crib is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 35 pounds. So do not use this crib when your baby’s weight exceeds this limit.

The Dream on Me 2 in 1 crib has a 1-inch thick foam mattress. It is comfortable enough for your newborn baby.

However, many parents prefer thick mattresses for extra comfort. Because they are softer and more comfortable.

If you want to use an extra mattress, don’t buy a regular mattress from the market. You need to buy a mini-size crib mattress.

If you buy a 3-inch mattress from the same manufacturer, it will fit perfectly for your baby.

The value for money

A durable structure, great safety, and a space-saving crib like the Dream on Me 2 in 1 Portable Crib are definitely worth it when you can buy it for around $ 150.

This is a budget cage on our list. It is quite suitable to use for grandparents.

Extra accessories

If you want to buy an extra thick mattress for your baby, you can buy Dream On Me, Holly 3 “Fiber Portable Crib Mattress. It is healthy and waterproof for babies.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable The mattress is a little thin
Lockable wheel
Can be easily folded
Strong and secure structure
Standard design

Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib 

Davinci is a reputed company that makes nursery furniture for children and their parents. They have a reputation for providing high-quality products.

The Alpha Mini Crib is specially designed for the newborn’s first few months. It is ideal for parents’ bedrooms and grandma’s houses.

Let’s see why we’ve included it in our list of the best portable cribs for Grandma’s house.


This cage is one of the lightest cages on our list. It weighs only 26 pounds.

Your baby is very young, so you will want to be close to your baby. So the crib has four wheels attached to its four legs. And since it is very light, you can easily move it with the help of wheels.

Since there is a lock system on the wheel, you can keep the wheel locked by keeping the crib somewhere.

Due to the small size of this cage, it can be easily taken out through the door of the house. So this Crib is suitable for those who live in very large flats or move a lot.

Creative construction

This crib is essential for every baby because it is versatile. As your baby grows, you can change the characteristics of the crib.

This crib mattress can be set in three different positions. Minimize position for each change.

The first level is for the newborn. Set to this position when your baby is lying down.

The second level is the middle setting. This is how you set the standard when your child learns to sit.

The third level is set at the very bottom. When your child learns to stand, you will set the mattress in a low position. As a result, your baby will have no chance of getting hurt.

You can remove the crib wheels and gently rock the crib to let your baby sleep. This is very beneficial for your baby to sleep well at night.

Safe and sturdy

This crib is made of New Zealand pine wood. That’s why the crib gets a delicate and smooth finish.

The Alpha Mini Crib can bear weight up to a maximum of 50 pounds. So be aware of your baby’s age and weight.

The security of this Crib is very good. There are railings all around and adequate ventilation. No toxic chemicals are used to make it. The Crib is Greengard certified, which provides a healthy environment for your baby to sleep.

The Alpha Mini Crib is manufactured to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) safety standards. Most manufacturers do not follow many of these safety standards.


The Alpha Crib usually carries a 1-inch thick comfortable mattress.

You can buy a thick mattress as you wish. In that case, you should buy a mini crib mattress to fit nicely.

The value for money

This mini crib offers many safety testimonials that most crib makers do not offer.

It is certainly a very useful product Considering its versatility and ease of carrying made by Davinci

Extra accessories

You can buy the Dream On Me 3″ Spring Coil Portable Crib Mattress as an additional product. It is environmentally friendly, waterproof and Gringguard certified.

The dimensions of the DOM mattress are 38L x 24W x 3H inches which is a perfect match with the Delta Alpha Mini Crib.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable The mattress is thin
Lockable wheel Not foldable
3 stage adjustment
Super safety
Great value for money
6 color variant

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib

Delta Children is a family-owned charity.

They create different products to make life easier for parents and children. But the most unique thing about Delta Children is that they make these essential products with various renewable materials.

The Delta portable mini crib with mattress requires small space for storage. This makes it a great option for small apartments or grandparents traveling on weekends. It is 35% smaller in size than a full-size crib.

Let’s see why we’ve included it in our list of the best portable cribs for Grandma’s house.


The Delta Mini Crib can be folded. It weighs about 34 pounds. Since you can fold the Crib, it is easy to take your car.

The crib has a hooded welding wheel with a common lock. These wheels can be used to pull smoothly from one room to another. Also, the crib is small in size, so it is easy to handle.

As a result, the child can sleep safely and comfortably in the grandmother’s house.

Creative construction

You can easily fold it when you don’t use the Delta Mini Crib.

It is useful for grandparents, they can fold it when grandchildren are not at home. Mini cribs can be stored under the bed or in the storeroom.

The Delta Mini Crib is only 6 inches wide when folded.

Crib features may change as your baby gets older. You can set it to 2 adjustable heights depending on your child when your child learns to sit and stand.

This portable crib can be used as a bassinet. When the baby is a little older, lower the mattress height to make it a play yard.

Safe and sturdy

The Delta Folding Mini Crib can carry a maximum weight of 35 pounds. Be aware of this.

It is usually made with pinewood. So it tends to be very strong and sturdy. It is the dream crib of every child and parent where many of your memories are created.

This crib provides all kinds of safety measures for your baby. Lead and other toxins are used to make it. It exceeds JPMA and ASTM safety standards.


The Delta Mini Crib includes a 1.5-inch waterproof mattress. It is comfortable enough for the baby.

But many parents prefer a 3 to 5-inch mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Value for money

The Delta Portable Mini is a high-quality baby crib that is comfortable, safe for children, and pocket-friendly for parents.

This Delta Portable Mini Crib should be the first choice of any parent who wants to buy a safe and high-quality baby crib for babies.

This portable crib is perfect for a baby’s night’s sleep at home or at his grandmother’s house.

Extra accessories

You can purchase additional Delta Children’s Twinkle Star 3-inch Mini Crib Mattresses if you wish.

It is waterproof, dual-side usable, and turns upside down if necessary. The mattress has an attached sheet that can be machine washed.

Mattress dimensions 38 ″ L x 24 ″ W x 3 ″ H. It will fit very nicely in the crib.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Quickly foldable Average mattress quality
Bassinet + playpen option
2 stage adjustment
Great safety
Great value for money
5 color variant

Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib

Babyletto has been making modern design nursery furniture for a long time.

Origami creates a happy and safe place for the baby. This portable crib allows you to move the crib with a little push.

Let’s see why this is one of the best portable cribs for Grandma’s house.


The Babyletto Origami Mini crib weighs 49.6 pounds. This is heavier than the other portable cribs on our list.

Origami has four removable wheels on all four legs. You can easily carry the Crib Tick from one place to another at home. This makes it convenient for you to keep an eye on the baby. You can lock the crib’s wheels to keep them fixed.

Creative construction

You can change the mini origami crib like any portable crib based on your baby’s needs and growth.

After folding, the cage becomes quite thin and compact. Due to the small size, it is easy to store and takes up less space.

Safe and sturdy

Origami Mini Crib is made of New Zealand pine wood. This wood gives the Crib a rigid and durable structure. The mattress used in it is supported by TSCA loyal engineer wood.

This high-quality Mini Crib is effective for babies up to 18 months. Don’t use it anymore when your baby reaches a height of 35 inches.

Origami is one of the healthiest foods on our list for children. It has been tested and passed for 10,000 chemicals. So it is considered the ultimate safe Crib for a baby’s health.

It has received the Greenguard Gold Certificate. And it meets all ASTM and CPSC security standards.


The Origami Mini Crib has a 1-inch mattress, and, as always, you can purchase an extra mattress for extra comfort.

Value for money

Babyletto Origami meets all the features that a good portable crib should have. This is why it has been included in the list of best portable cribs for Grandma’s house.

By buying this mini crib, you will get a decent return in the long run.

Extra accessories

If you need an extra mattress, you can buy a Dream On Me Mini Crib Mattress. It will fit snugly in the crib.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Foldable & space saver Expensive
Crib and bassinet Little Heavy
Different stage adjustment
super safety
Removable wheel
7 color variant

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

The Graco brand has long been a trusted company in making various products for children. All their products are safe and durable.

Graco Light Travel Crib is the best compact portable crib on our list.

Graco Crib is 20% smaller than normal pack n play. So it takes less space to keep in the house. This portable mini crib can be a good option.

When you go to spend a night with your baby at his grandparents’ house, you can wrap it neatly in a compact carry case and take it with you. You can take it on any trip.

Let’s take a look at some of the more important features of this product.


The Travel Crib is incredibly light due to its extremely small size. This crib weighs only 19 pounds.

The legs of this portable crib have one-way integrated wheels. This gives Crib a smooth motion. You can easily remove it with a little push. It is quite comfortable and suitable for traveling.

Creative construction

The construction style of Travel Crib Light is quite modern. There are 3 stages of growth from when you buy a crib for your newborn until the baby grows up.

Use the first layer when your baby weighs less than 15 pounds. In this case, use the elevated bassinet that ensures the baby sleeps comfortably.

When the baby is a little older and learns to sit, adjust the basin to a deeper level. In this case, the baby weighs more than 15 pounds but should be below 20 pounds.

In the third stage, remove the bassinet completely. Through this, you will get a decent playard. There, your toddler can play or sleep comfortably. This play yard is suitable for children up to 35 inches tall.

An interesting feature of the crib is that it provides a tent that provides shade for the baby to sleep. There are also 2 soft toys to entertain your child.

Safe and sturdy

The build quality of this travel crib is quite good. Your child will feel quite comfortable in it. There is adequate ventilation. And the crib is surrounded by a net to provide security. It is JPMA certified.

Through the net, you can clearly keep an eye on your baby at all times.

When the crib becomes dirty, you can remove the mattress and clean the whole crib with hot water and soap. The carrying case is washable by machine.


Each stage of this crib is designed to give your baby maximum comfort and safety.

Being small in size, you can sleep with your baby next to you. The mattress that comes with it is well-cushioned. And the bassinet and playard are both soft and supple, which is quite comfortable for the baby.

The value for money

This lightweight travel crib from the Graco brand is ideal for you if you love to hang out with your family. This thing is very valuable from newborn to infant stage. That’s why we put it on the list.

Extra accessories

Regular mattress change is essential for the health of the baby. The Joey + Joan brand offers stages and sheets made exclusively for the Graco Travel Crib.

These sheets are extremely soft, breathable, and certified by OEKO-TEX. It can be machine washed.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Cheap in price baby can outweigh the bassinet quickly
Different stage adjustment
Safe for baby
Integrated wheel
Quality mattress

Lucky Dove Portable Travel Crib

Lucky Dove makes a variety of baby products. This company is widely known to parents. Lucky Dove makes countless baby gear to solve their various problems.

This portable cage is an object of hope for many parents. This is one of their premium products. It can be the address of your child’s safety and happy childhood.

You may have heard of the popular Lotus Travel Crib, which is very expensive. You can get the same look with Lucky Dove’s Mini Crib. It is an affordable option.

Let’s look at some facts about the best portable cribs for Grandma’s house.


This one is the easiest to travel with of all the travel cribs on our list. This cage weighs only 13.6 pounds. Light in weight, so easy to carry in the trunk of your car.

Unlike other travel cribs, this Crib has no wheels. However, it does no harm to portability. Since it is different in shape and light, it is not difficult to move around.

It can also be a permanent sleeping place for a baby in grandma’s house. You can easily set up this CribCrib there. As a result, you don’t have to carry a crib every day.

You can fold it effortlessly if you want and store it in your carry bag. No problem.

Creative construction

This CribCrib is made from 100% polyester mesh fabric, which provides total protection from all sides. This is different from all the cribs we mentioned earlier. Although surrounded by a mesh, they can ventilate freely and are elastic enough.

As a travel crib, it is very easy to fold. It can be kept in a portable case like a briefcase. It may only take a few minutes to fold.

When you put your baby in it, he will get enough light and air.

A smart feature of this CribCrib is that it has a zip door on one side which can open a large part of the side of the CribCrib.

One of the great benefits of having this door is that you can easily breastfeed or play with your baby without bending the bar at the top of the farm.

Kids also like this cage because they have plenty of space to move and play, and they don’t feel trapped.

You can zip the door when your baby is asleep, or you need to do something else. It also keeps your baby safe, and you feel relaxed.

Safe and sturdy

The Lucky Dove Portable Crib is made of a thick aluminum tube. These are very resilient and long-lasting.

Also, Crib’sCrib’s compatible, supportive legs help it balance anywhere. It protects pack n play. The building quality of Lucky Dove Portable Crib is extremely strong and stable.

No harmful chemicals are used to make these cages. It is free from BPA, lead, etc.

When the CribCrib and the mattress on top get dirty, you can easily wash them.

It meets all the rules of CPSC and ASTM as proof of safety.


It has 1 inch thick, 100% sponge mattress padding to give kids a good night’s sleep. It is soft and supple but non-compressible.

This mattress is very comfortable for newborns. But if your baby is a little older, the mattress may not be thick enough. In that case, you can put a few sheets under the mattress.

The value for money

We mentioned earlier that the Lucky Dove Portable Travel Crib is cheaper than the expensive Lotus Travel Crib.

Apart from the wheels, this portable CribCrib and pack n play have great popularity with everyone.

It is safe for the baby, stable, and can be folded quickly. Premium to look at. All in all, this CribCrib is a very smart choice in this price range.

Extra accessories

If you want to buy mattress sheets for your baby, you can buy jersey knit fitted packs and plaid sheets. The sheets are 100 percent cotton, so they are quite soft.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Cheap in price No wheel
Very lightweight Bassinet not attached
Crib and pack n play option
Safe for baby
Mesh fabric that is breathable
Side zip door

Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center

Baby Trend is one of the few companies famous for its nursery center. They make many essential products for the care of children.

If you are looking for a place to sleep for your baby, Baby Trend Retreat is for you. It is a versatile nursery crib with multiple features.

Many more features of the portable Crib are explained below.


The weight of this nursery care station is a little more than the portable Crib. This station weighs about 33 pounds. But since this Crib is heavier than other portable cribs, its portability is a bit less convenient.

The front legs of the Baby Trend Retreat can rotate in the same place with the help of big wheels. The front wheels have a brake system.

 The rear part has to be pushed forward to move the nursery center to the front.

You can simply fold the playard and attached bassinet with it if you want to travel. The whole Crib is not foldable.

As well as its weight and huge size it is not possible to travel a lot of time. It takes a lot of space to get in the car. If the car is small, you can’t take it with you.

Creative construction

The retreat combines 2 hanging toys from a carry handle canopy inside the care center to entertain the kids. They provide:

  • A removable bassinet.
  • A detachable padded changer.
  • A parent organizer diaper.
  • All your other complements.

The portable bassinet attached to the Crib will take your baby anywhere. It is equipped with electronic music and a night lighting system to entertain children.

You cannot remove the bassinet and changer cover. When they are dirty, just remove them and use them again.

Safe and sturdy

Baby Trend Retreat is always committed to the maximum protection of your baby. But for this, you need to know the limits of using Crib.

You can use this nursery center until your child is 2 years old. You can use it until your baby is 35 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds. But if it is more than that, do not use it anymore.

Using a bassinet and changing the table from birth to 3 months of age if your child weighs 15 pounds or 25 inches is recommended.

The Crib is protected by a mesh around it. But light air can easily enter it.

The mattress used in the retreat meets all ASTM indicators.


The baby trend crib has a changing table and a nicely attached bassinet.

No sheet can be attached separately to soften the mattress attached to the playard.

The best part of the retreat is that it comes with a removable rock-a-bassinet that helps your baby sleep.

If the baby does not want to sleep, you can set the bassinet in soft rocking mode to put him to sleep.

You can also turn on natural sounds and include a music center that will help your baby sleep.

The value for money

If you want to buy an affordable portable crib with advanced build quality and modern design, you can choose this one. But keep in mind the size and weight.

If your budget is close to $200, this is one of grandma’s house’s best pack n plays.

Extra accessories

Since you can’t add a new sheet to the mattress you have, you may have to buy a new, thicker mattress. In that case, you can buy hiccup packs and mattress pads.

This mattress can be used on both sides. The strong side is for the newborns, and the soft side is for the little ones who can sit. Dimensions are 38L x 26W x 3.25H inches. It fits well with the Baby Trend Nursery Center.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The changing table is detachable It is portable but bulky
Night light and music settings built-in The piece of music does not last long
A removable rock-a-bye bassinet with canopy and a carry handle
Safe for baby
Easy-to-move wheels
A deeper bassinet and a playard

Joovy Room Playard and Nursery Center

Joovy delivers quality products to children and is always one step ahead of the competition.

Modern parents often choose them because of their stylish and modern baby gear.

Let’s not know the details of the best portable crib for this grandma’s house.


The Joovy Room comes with a zipper travel bag. This allows your baby to feel the gentle breeze when they are in it. This crib weighs 32.4 pounds. Like a portable crib, it may seem a little overweight.

It cannot be folded. That means you can’t fold it to move it from one place to another. But the 2 built-in wheels attached to it make it easy to move.

It can only be carried in a playpen carry bag.

It can be set up for your baby at the grandparents’ house. It carries everything the mother needs from one room to another and nurtures the baby.

Creative construction

The flip-away changing table with a stiff vinyl top of Joovy Portable Crib can easily carry a baby up to 25 pounds. With it, the table pad can be easily cleaned.

It has a removable changing station, huge playpen, large pocket, bassinet, removable diaper station, and plenty of storage.

You can completely detach Crib’s table if you want easy access to the full-size bassinet. This will come in handy when your baby weighs 15 pounds.

As it has a lot of storage, the child gets a lot of space to play when he enters it. As a result, you can focus on other things and put your child in it.

The Joovy Portable Crib supports your baby up to 35 pounds.

Safe and sturdy

All sides of the nursery center are surrounded by nets.

Like all pack n play, babies can play in it comfortably until the maximum height is 35 inches.

Above all, the travel crib is very stable and solidly built.


The attached mattress sheet is comfortable enough for your newborn. The sheet is waterproof and helps provide a healthy environment for the baby.

The value for money

The sophisticated design of the Joovy Room Player can catch your eye as a solution for your baby to sleep comfortably and a play area.

Extra accessories

If you need extra sheets, try the JOOVY ROOM WATERPROOF SHEET. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is easily washable.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Removable changing table There is no portable rocking bassinet
Full-size bassinet There is only one playpen that fits in a travel bag
Organizer for diapers and storage Fabric with breathable mesh
Safe for baby
Playpen with plenty of space

Lotus Travel Crib

If you know some of the famous baby gear on the market, you have heard the name Lotus Travel Crib. It is a product of the guava family.

The Guava family is a long-running family business that makes various things for children and parents.

Learn more about the popular Lotus Travel Crib.


This portable crib is designed for people who travel around every week or at work.

It is very lightweight. You will also find a carrying case with it. You’ll be happy to know that the whole crib weighs just 13 pounds, including this case.

It is compact enough in size. You can pack it in a maximum of 30 seconds.

So if you visit your baby’s grandparents frequently, this should definitely be your choice.

Creative construction

This crib is made in a very modern design which will be liked by the parents of the new generation.

One of the most desirable features is a zip door on one side. Which can easily open and close a part of the cage. Moreover, The zipper can be locked.

The crib can be turned into a perfect playpen, and it gives parents extra pleasure when their child crawls in it.

Safe and sturdy

This will keep your baby safe. Because this crib is surrounded by nets. The structure is quite strong as it is made of polyvinyl chloride.

No harmful chemicals are used to make it. GreenGuard Gold certified proves that this crib is perfect for kids.


The Lotus Travel Crib has a comfortable mattress attached for the baby to sleep and play perfectly. They claim that it will be quite comfortable for a newborn baby up to 3 years.

But the pads attached to this crib are not removable. So you can just wipe it. There is no way to wash it.

The value for money

This can be your first choice if you want to buy great gear for your baby.

You can buy it if your budget is around $ 300.

Extra accessories

This travel cage does not provide any extra sheets with the mattress. You can buy sheets from the market if you want.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Highly portable No wheel
Very lightweight Little costly
Crib and pack n play option
Comfortable for baby
Made with breathable Mesh fabric
Side zip door
  • Pamo Babe Deluxe Nursery Center

Pamo Babe makes a lot of things for kids, one of which is Pamo Babe Deluxe Nursery Center. This is a multi-functional baby crib. It is wise to take it with you to the baby’s grandmother’s house. This can be very important for your child’s daily activities. See why you will like it.


The maximum weight of the Nursery Center is 25.6 pounds. It is a bit heavy. The dimensions of the care center are 39.37 inches in length, 27.56 inches in width, and 27.56 inches in height. It has two wheels on the front, two legs, and two stands to balance the rear.

It can be easily folded and reassembled in minutes. Just snap the bassinet frame, and the crib will be ready to use. So you can pack it without any complications, which is only a matter of seconds.

The baby player doesn’t take up much space after folding. It fits easily in the car’s trunk, making it suitable for traveling. If you are looking for a small crib, you must like it.

Creative construction

This is a modern baby player for your baby. This is a multi-function crib. This crib has various nice features like a diaper table, baby travel cot bassinet bed, cute baby toys, etc. Having a diaper table allows parents to easily change diapers.

Also, it is surrounded by mesh fabric. These are visible from the outside. This allows you to observe your baby from the outside.

Safe and sturdy

Pamo Babe Nursery Center is quite safe for your baby. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is quite strong and durable.

Its corners are smooth and round, so there is no chance of your baby getting hurt. The wheels are also equipped with brakes. This results in improved overall stability and security.

The net that surrounds the crib is also quite secure. As a result, your child can play well, and you can stay without tension.


The nursery center is quite comfortable for your baby. It comes with a comfortable mattress. The bassinet bed also provides a soft touch for the baby.

The value for money

This is a budget crib. It is one of the cheapest but best quality portable cribs on the market.

So if you want to give your child a good nursery center gift at a low price, then you can definitely take it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great build quality Little heavy
Breathable Mesh fabric
Safe for baby
Long term usable
  • BABYBJORN Travel Crib

The travel crib that the BABYBJORN brand has created for children is undoubtedly commendable. Let’s see why it’s on our favorites list.


Babybjorn Travel Crib is the lightest of all the baby cribs on our list. It weighs only 13 pounds.

This will be the best thing for you if you are a regular traveler.

All those who have used it so far have acknowledged that the carrying capacity of this crib is better than any other travel crib available in the market.

Creative construction

The advanced design of BABYBJORN Crib sets it apart from other products on the market. Its aerial design plays an important role in the good care of the baby.

Its sides are made of soft and airy mesh fabric. This makes it easier to keep an eye on your baby. Fold it easily and keep it in a carry bag when you don’t use it.

Safe and sturdy

BABYBJORN Crib’s legs are quite stiff and defensive. Crib fabric made with 100% polyester.

Your baby will be protected from birth to 3 years of age. There is no weight limit for using this cage. You can safely put your baby to sleep in it.


Many companies reduce mattress padding to make travel cribs more portable. But BABYBJORN is an exception.

They use its soft, plush mattress to ensure baby comfort. This feature puts them ahead of everyone else.

The value for money

This will be an excellent investment if you are looking for a gift for a baby or a relative or if you want to treat yourself to something nice.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
great portability No wheel
lightweight costly
Comfortable Mattress
Mesh fabric provides breathability
zip door

Our recommendation 

We’ve put together the best portable cribs on the market for you. If you are still hesitant to decide or do not have enough time to read the whole post, we can suggest some cribs for you.

Our first choice is Dream On Me 2 In 1 Portable Crib. This is one of the best travel cribs in the mid-range budget. It is a baby product that is easily portable, standard weight and foldable. It has been tested, and users are extremely happy to use it. So you can definitely use it for your sweetheart.

Our second choice is LuckyDove Portable Travel Crib. This is also a crib of a mid-range budget. It is very light so you can easily take it anywhere. It is very comfortable and safe for children. So as a budget crib and a good place for a baby to sleep, it can be one of your choices.

Next, BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light. This is a premium-level crib. If you have a big budget, then this is for you. If you buy it for your baby, you don’t have to think about buying a second crib. Because it is so durable and designed for long-term use.

Perfect Portable Crib Buyer’s Guide

We’ve listed the best portable cribs on the market. You can choose from any one of these.

But new parents often cannot choose these cribs due to lack of experience. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is right for you.


Since you are looking for the Best Portable Crib for Grandma’s House before you buy a crib, you need to consider the weight of the crib, whether the crib has wheels or adequate carrying capacity.


If your crib design isn’t up to date, you can’t use it for your baby. So you have to choose something user-friendly. And always try to choose the crib of modern design.


You need to be extra secure when you buy things for your baby.

So when you buy a portable crib, do not choose any cheap crib. Because they use harmful chemicals to make them. These can cause many diseases in your baby.

The portable cribs we listed are the safest.


From birth to about 2 to 3 years of age, your baby will grow up in a crib of your choice. If it is not comfortable enough, your baby will have trouble sleeping, hindering his growth.

Your budget

This is the most important point for you. Find the best cribs that you can find under a certain budget.

We’ve listed different Types of cribs depending on your budget.

Length of use

How long you want to use a crib is also a consideration. If you want to use a crib for a very long time, you must first buy a durable and strong crib.

Our listed cribs are of excellent building quality and ideal for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in a crib mattress?

Depending on your child’s age, physical condition, and different circumstances. This issue will be different for different children.

Usually, a little hard mattress should be used for children. Because it helps them to continue their growing body growth. It keeps their spine straight to get the best benefits for breathing.

Again some parents prefer to give their baby a soft mattress for better sleep. But a crib mattress should not be more than 1-2 inches thick.

You can consult with your own pediatrician to determine which is appropriate for your child to use.

How long can a baby sleep in a portable crib?

Certain portable cribs have certain limits of use. Most mini cribs are usable until a child is 1 and 1/2 years old and weighs 35 pounds. By this time, your child can play comfortably during the day and get a good night’s sleep in the crib.

Is it worth it to buy a mini crib?

If your apartment is a little small or you want to buy a crib for grandma’s house, a mini crib is best for you. However, a mini crib cannot be used for a long time. The kids quickly reach the heights beyond the mini cribs. If you want to use it for a long time, investing in a nursery center is better.

Final words

We have done our best to make the most reasonable and appropriate choice for you.

But always make sure there are no pillows, toys or blankets. However, it can be dangerous for the baby.

Portable cribs are very useful for travel lovers. These things are very important for your child’s safety, health, sleep and sports.

We hope you find our best portable crib for grandma’s house for your baby from our selection list!

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