7 Best Full Size Refrigerator Under $200

The best kitchen appliance under $200 is a full-size refrigerator. It holds a lot of food and makes it easy to find things fast

However, not all full-size refrigerators are created equal! There are some that cost more, some that are made from better quality materials, and some that offer features that others do not.

Our list of 6 top refrigerators under $200 will help you find the best on the market right now at an affordable price!

What is the best full-size refrigerator under $200?


  1. Best Cheap Price Refrigerator: Frigidaire 3.2 cu ft Retro Bar Refrigerator with Bottle Opener.

Igloo FR376RED Retro Bar Fridge features a side bottle opener The Igloo FR376RED Retro Bar Fridge features a side bottle opener and is available in red or white. You can store six 12-ounce cans or two bottles on the door of this refrigerator, which has an interior light.

  1. Best Upright Freezer: Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer.

Keeping all your frozen foods together and organized is easy with this freezer. If you are a fish and ice cream lover, this freezer is perfect for you.

  1. Best Chest Freezer: Koolatron 3.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Compact Chest Freezer.

18 degrees Fahrenheit is the low temperature of the world’s best chest freezer. The freezer has a reversible door hinge to maximize energy efficiency. Get it today at Amazon for free shipping!

  1. Best Travel Refrigerator: Koolatron P75 34L or 36 Quarts storage Thermoelectric Iceless 12 Volt powered Cooler and Warmer. 

Car refrigerators of the highest quality! Use your vehicle or RV’s 12-volt cigarette lighter to cool drinks and snacks. You can store food on a picnic table in 90° weather with its compact size and an airtight lid.

  1. Best Dual Door Refrigerator: RCA 3.2 Cubic Ft Capacity Stainless Steel Dual Door Fridge and Freezer.

It is a small refrigerator. It can be placed almost anywhere. Despite its low price, it is just as good as most other refrigerators.

  1. Best Energy Saver Refrigerator: Commercial Cool CCR32W 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Single Door Refrigerator and Freezer.

Commercial Cool CCR32W Compact Single Door Energy Saver Refrigerator saves you money and energy! In comparison to an average refrigerator of the same size, this saves you up to $29 a year in utility costs. Within two years, you’ll have paid for it.

  1. Best Beverage Fridge: Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Capacity Beverage Refrigerator.

There are 26 places for drinks inside this small refrigerator, and it keeps them cold. It does not need to be attached to a wall since it has rubber feet that prevent it from sliding.

7 Refrigerators Review That Price is Under $200

1. Best Cheap Price Refrigerator: Frigidaire 3.2 cu ft Retro Bar Refrigerator with Bottle Opener.

Do you need a fridge that is both retro and functional?

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge Refrigerator has a vintage appearance and modern features, such as an ice maker and temperature control. It is large enough to fit all of your items.

You can keep your favorite foods in this fridge since it has more space. The door has three shelves. That’s cool that the bottle opener is on the front!

One of the best ovens on the market. The design is classic, and it is easy to maintain. You can choose from three different colors.

The fridge is cool. You can store food on its shelves and freezer. In the freezer or on the door shelves, you can keep up to 18 cans. You can also arrange your food on two full-width wire shelves inside.

Why do I like it?

  • Modern technology meets retro design.
  • You get the best of both worlds with this bottle opener that keeps your favorite beverages cold. 
  • A built-in ice maker makes entertaining guests a breeze.
  • Compared to other refrigerators on the market, this one is cheaper.

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2. Best Upright Freezer: Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer

The upright freezer you want costs $200. However, you’re not sure which one is best. It’s hard to choose between so many different models and brands!

Are you looking for the best freezer in terms of energy efficiency? If so, you’ll enjoy lower electricity bills with this model. Additionally, its sleek design will look great in your kitchen or garage.

Compared to other upright freezers on the market, this one is the most efficient. The black finish makes it look great as well.

It has a ten out of ten rating in terms of energy efficiency. The door can also be opened from the side. The lock prevents people from getting into your food or home without your permission, so it’s safe.

There’s a lot of space in this freezer, so it’s really good. It can save people a lot of money on their electricity bills.

Children cannot open this freezer without an adult. It keeps them safe. Moreover, it has two wheels to make it easy for you to move it around your kitchen and keep everything in one place.

Why do I like it?

  • Energy Star certification is available for the Whynter CUF-110B.
  • Unlike traditional refrigerators, this product conserves energy and has better temperature control.
  • Provides peace of mind with a lock.
  • Its upright storage keeps everything neat and tidy.

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3. Best Chest Freezer: Koolatron 3.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Compact Chest Freezer.

Chest freezers are a good way to keep food fresh. They do make a lot of noise, My house has one that is small, quiet, and easy to move around the house or apartment. The Koolatron Compact Chest Freezer with a flip-up lid is small, quiet, easy to move around your home or apartment.

You can store 3.5 cubic feet of vegetables, frozen meat, fruit juice concentrates, and more in this chest freezer! So you can put items of different sizes in the same freezer, it has two adjustable shelves.

You don’t have to bend down to look for things when you have a top freezer. A drain is not required since all moisture drains into the base. As a result, your kitchen floor stays dry.

A good option is the Koolatron Compact Chest Freezer. Featuring 3.5 cubic feet of space and a flip-open lid, it is easy to find frozen food inside without opening the whole thing. The freezer is also easier to keep clean than other models.

A freezer that’s empty is not a good thing. Therefore, we recommend these small, attractive chest freezers from Koolatron. You can use them in your kitchen or garage. You can organize your food easily with the two baskets inside these freezers.

Why do I like it?

  • Technology that is energy-efficient.
  • Food and ice can be easily accessed with the foldable top lid.
  • 3.5 cubic feet of capacity.
  • It uses less energy than the average household refrigerator.

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4. Best Travel Refrigerator: Koolatron P75 34L / 36 Quarts storage Thermoelectric Iceless 12 Volt powered Cooler and Warmer. 

When you go on vacation, you don’t want to lug around a heavy cooler. You’ve tried other portable refrigerators before, but they weren’t as effective as this one. When you travel, you have trouble keeping food and drinks cold.

It is possible to buy a refrigerator that does not require ice or electricity, but it is expensive. However, car coolers are heavy and messy. A cooler without ice or electricity is the best kind. A thermoelectric iceless cooler by Koolatron

You can take this small device with you wherever you go. In the mountains, on the beach, or anywhere else can you find it with you. You won’t run out of energy since it uses none.

Koolatron offers an alternative to other options. This device is powered by your car’s cigarette lighter.

Batteries or electricity are not required. Additionally, it only weighs 10 pounds, so you can carry it easily while driving. Food and drinks can also be carried inside. Wow!

Why do I like it?

  • Approximately 56 gallons can be held in 36 quarts.
  • A thermoelectric system does not require ice.
  • CertiPUR-USTM Certified with safe materials and no harsh chemicals. 
  • Dual USB ports built-in.

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5. Best Dual Door Refrigerator: RCA 3.2 Cubic Ft Capacity Stainless Steel Dual Door Fridge and Freezer.

You bought a small refrigerator before, but it wasn’t big enough for all of your food.

Imagine having a refrigerator with 3.2 cubic feet of space and adjustable temperatures. The food you buy for your family won’t spoil. There are two doors, so you can find the food you want easily and quickly.

This 3.2 cu ft 2 door refrigerator and freezer is a great choice for your family. Among its many features are its versatility and space.

Ice cubes are stored in the bottom freezer. In addition to this, this freezer also comes with a water filter that removes impurities from tap water.

Any kitchen will benefit from this stainless steel sink. Additionally, it comes with a five-year warranty just in case something goes wrong.

Why do I like it?

  • Any occasion calls for a perfect gift.
  • You can keep your food fresh up to six times longer than traditional refrigerators.
  • When you fill the top or bottom shelves with different products, you can see the last eight weeks, whereas other fridges only show three days.
  • The large space inside makes it easy to keep organized and convenient.

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6. Best Energy Saver Refrigerator: Commercial Cool CCR32W 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Single Door Refrigerator and Freezer.

An energy-efficient refrigerator is a good refrigerator. CCR32W has an Energy Saver rating of A+, so you’ll save money on your bills without sacrificing performance or quality.

The door on this refrigerator can be adjusted to fit your space. You can store food on two wire shelves as well as a fixed shelf.

I like how easy it is to clean this fridge. All you need is a damp sponge to remove dust. It will also keep your food fresher longer! The fridge is also environmentally friendly since it saves energy.

The small refrigerator fits into any kitchen or office space. Furthermore, it has a 10-star Energy Star rating and a 3-star freezer rating. You won’t find a fridge that will save you more money than this one!

You can get a one-year warranty and free shipping if you order this refrigerator.

Why do I like it?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 60%.
  • In order to maintain efficiency, the refrigerator can be used for three years straight without requiring a full drain of power.
  • This refrigerator uses a fraction of the energy of traditional refrigerators, saving you money and helping the environment.
  • Every 10 years, two air filters need to be replaced. It also has an antimicrobial layer inside to prevent bacteria from growing.

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7. Best Beverage Fridge: Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Capacity Beverage Refrigerator.

Do you need a gift? A wine-themed gift would be a great choice. With its stylish design, the Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator Small Mini Re will look good anywhere. Since it is small and compact, it can be stored when it is not in use.

There is a lot of space inside this mini-fridge. So you can store drinks there without having to take up a lot of space.

Despite its small size, this rack holds up to 26 bottles of wine. With a stainless steel exterior and a reversible door on either side of the unit, this freestanding unit is easy to clean. This refrigerator keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature all year round thanks to its high-quality compressor and digital thermostat.

Why do I like it?

  • There is ample storage for wine, beer, and soda.
  • Small spaces like studios and dorm rooms are ideal for this compact fridge.
  • The stylish cabinet will complement any decor.
  • The shelf at eye level makes it easy to grab items without bending over.

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What to look for in the best smallest full-size refrigerator under $200?

It can be difficult to find a refrigerator under $200, no matter if you’re buying one for yourself or as a gift. The prices of most refrigerators listed online, however, exceed 200 dollars. 

There are still some good deals, however. I have listed them above. You will learn what features to look for while shopping and what size to choose from this buying guide.

Research can help you find the best deals. By knowing where to look for affordable items, you will be able to make the best choices.

Full Size:

If you are looking for a new refrigerator, size is one of the most important factors to consider. Choosing the right refrigerator for your kitchen can be a challenge. But the price is a big limitation here.

Under this price range, you won’t find a full-size model with over ten cubic capacities. The largest I could find was 3.5 cubic feet. This unit has both a freezer and a refrigerator. Both have the same features as a full-sized refrigerator.

Compressor Quality:

It pays to consider the compressor quality when you’re shopping for a new refrigerator. With a high-quality compressor, your food will stay as cold and fresh as possible for as long as possible without wasting any electricity or water. 

You may have heard conflicting opinions about whether refrigerators with top compressors are better than those with side compressors. However, when shopping around for this purchase, be sure to look for these less common types of refrigerators. 

I’ve selected these from top reputed brands so that these compressors will run for long years without any hassle.

Energy Saving:

Energy efficiency is another important consideration if you want to reduce your daily electric cost. But it’s not always easy to know how energy efficient your fridge will be. 

In today’s market, there are so many models and features that finding one that meets your needs can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. I selected these models after taking into consideration the energy star feature.

Consider Freezer Capacity:

Don’t forget the freezer section when choosing a refrigerator. There is a lot more storage space in the lower compartment of your refrigerator than just frozen foods-it also has plenty of space for items like butter and milk that need to be kept cold but not frozen. 

In addition, if your kids like ice cream or popsicles, they’ll appreciate having their own little stash in the freezer, so it doesn’t get everywhere!

This model is available to you if you need a dedicated freezer.

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