Perfect GPS for ATV Trail Riding – 6 Top Recommendations for 2022

Experiencing ATV trails is incredibly refreshing, satisfying, and rewarding. Located in less-traveled regions, they provide natural and unpolluted scenery. Therefore, owning an ATV is a worthwhile endeavor. You are at risk of getting lost or losing your ATV if you do not invest in the best GPS for ATV for trail riding.

ATV enthusiasts both new and seasoned can benefit from these gadgets. In addition to being convenient, they provide great security for your ATV.

There are several aspects to consider before you put your money on any model. A detailed buying guide and impartial reviews of some of the most interesting models are presented here!

What is a GPS for ATV Trail Riding?

If you have just acquired an all-terrain vehicle, you may not be familiar with the meaning and significance of a GPS for ATV trail riding. Off-roading requires the use of relatively small gadgets in order to stay on your trail. The all-terrain vehicle can easily be installed and used while on the move. 

What’s the point of investing in one when you can track trails on your smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet? All of the above gadgets are equipped with exceptional GPS systems, allowing them to track your movements with remarkable accuracy. In addition to tracking your route, a good ATV GPS tracker also provides a variety of other convenience, safety, and security features.

What Are the Functions of A GPS for ATV Trail Riding?

GPS trackers for ATVs cannot be understated. You can rely on them to guide you within the trail and to assist you in leaving it safely. By using triangulation, they locate your location.

Equipped with an ATV GPS tracker, your asset will enjoy the following functions and benefits:

  • Real-time tracking is one of the benefits of the device.
  • Overspeeding can be detected correctly and alerted to you.
  • The majority of models are compact and easy to use.
  • Nearly all models are waterproof and ideal for harsh outdoor environments.
  • They provide information that isn’t available on paper maps or standard GPS systems, such as landmark locations.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for A GPS for ATV Trail Riding

ATV GPS units are primarily used to pinpoint your location along a trail. Furthermore, it helps you locate your all-terrain vehicle from anywhere. However, not all GPS devices provide this service. Therefore, when selecting a GPS device, you need to take into account a variety of crucial features.

These features include;

Mapping Accuracy

When purchasing an ATV GPS tracker, accuracy is arguably the most important factor to consider. It is necessary to trace out your route appropriately when you are out on the trails. Even worse, if you lose your vehicle, you must locate its exact location.

In particular, the accuracy of your GPS device depends on its ability to identify various things accurately. Your gadget should be able to detect sealed and unsealed roads, prominent geographical features, and so forth features, and 4WD drive trails. In addition to swampy lands, rocky terrains, cliffs, river beds, and contour lines, there are many others.

Using previous off-roaders’ input, a GPS will provide an accurate trail map. The GPS will provide you with the safest trails. However, if you want to explore, a viable device should also provide you with alternative routes.

Network Capabilities 

In order to receive and transmit information, GPS systems use cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi GPS devices are easier to find than cellular devices. Mobile options, on the other hand, are more efficient as they can be used in environments without Wi-Fi access. Cellular and Wi-Fi options are used by a variety of other technologies.

If you choose a device based on its network capabilities, you will be able to transmit messages to your smartphone or computing device via the network. A network connection is also useful when relaying information about your trip to friends and family.


There’s no doubt that points of interest and landmarks can help you to trace your way along or out of your trail. Landmarks include prominent buildings, recreational centers, major roads, parks, and notable institutions.

While you are not likely going to find buildings and institutions deep inside the jungle, these landmarks will come to your rescue when you lose your ATV. So, an ideal GPS for ATV Trail Riding should still provide you with notable points of interest. These will also include fueling points, service stations, campsites, lodges, caravan parks, and viewing sites. While such information helps you to plan your trips without any hiccups, they are often not available on your ordinary paper map or regular GPS.

Battery Life

GPS equipment with a weak battery is just as useless as your phone. Undoubtedly, you don’t want your device to die in the middle of nowhere. That would be an awful pity. This is why you should consider the battery as well.

But don’t worry about it! You should think about something interesting. In the event that the internal battery runs out, many models have AA battery options. Look for high-capacity batteries.


Nobody wants to go to the market every time they need a product. Choose models that are built to last. Pick a model with durable parts. Moreover, since you will most likely be riding in the wilderness during your trail rides, a waterproof and weatherproof model will be the best option. These models will be able to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.


GPS devices are equipped with displays that display the coordinates and location of the device. The fact that you will most likely be riding during the day makes it essential to consider models that are visible even in strong sunlight. You do not need to strain to read and understand whatever appears on your screen.

Top 6 Best GPS for ATV Trail Riding Reviews

We have outlined some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to buying an ATV GPS tracker. Despite the many brands and models available in the market, it is still difficult to pick the perfect one. We have compiled a list of the most popular options so you don’t have to search around.

Regardless of which pick you choose, it will be based on the factor(s) that are most important to you. Our reviews are unbiased and we don’t intend to promote any product in particular.

#6. Garmin GPSMAP 64SC

Garmin GPSMAP 64SC is worth your consideration if you are looking for a GPS device that has additional features. In this device, Bluetooth, ANT+, and camera functions are reliable. The device is among the most advanced on the market. In addition to these features, the following specifications are also noteworthy;

Dual Battery Mechanism

Garmin GPSMAP 64SC’s dual battery system ranks at the top of its long list of features. It is known for its multi-day battery life. As a backup, you can use two AA batteries just in case anything goes wrong. Its dual battery system ensures you will never be without a GPS in the event of a power outage.

Comprehensive Data and Accuracy

Garmin GPSMAP 64SC accuracy cannot be questioned. Accuracy without good data isn’t very useful. The device is a perfect score on both fronts and provides you with all the necessary data and information. First, it syncs with the engine of your vehicle, your heart rate, and the VIRB action.


  • The device has a 4GB internal memory that can be expanded to meet your storage needs.
  • By using Garmin Connect, you can easily share your location with your smartphone.
  • The additional components such as camera, ANT+, and Bluetooth makes the device a high-end device.
  • A dual battery system enables you to run the device on two AA batteries when the internal battery is low.


  • A barometric altimeter and compass are not included. Thus, it won’t give you detailed information on terrains.
  • The ANT+ and Bluetooth features are pretty basic and may need an upgrade.

#5. Trail Tech 912-101 Voyager

With the 912-101 Voyager GPS manufactured by Trail Tech, you will have an ATV trail riding GPS that is completely versatile. A unique, admirable design makes it compatible with most mobile devices. Its near-universal compatibility and play console-like design make it one of the most popular trackers in the industry. However, do not misunderstand. A variety of exciting features lie beyond its versatility and sleek design.

Universal Fit

The Voyager is designed with all riders in mind. It is designed with off-roading in mind, but is also useful for riders of ATVs and UTVs. Consequently, drivers of 4WD, snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs will find it suitable. In addition, the gadget can easily be mounted on a motorcycle.

Track Manager

With the included track manager CD, you can easily manage your trial. Most GPS trackers lack this feature, which enables you to perform a wide range of functions. You can also organize, view, edit, and share specific aspects of your trip.

Smart Data Logging

Your tracking system should not contain unnecessary data. By stopping when your engine stops, the Trail 912-101 Voyager protects you from such an inconvenience. Keeping the riding information clear and accurate is ensured by eliminating unnecessary data points.


  • It has a backlit display for excellent visibility.
  • Regardless of where you are, you can access precise data.
  • Track managers eliminate unnecessary data from trails.
  • The device directly connects to the engine of your ATV for smart data logging 


  • User-generated maps aren’t available.

#4. Garmin eTrex30

We have also included the Garmin eTrex30 in our review. This device is well suited to meet all of your requirements for a GPS for ATV trail riding. The system offers accuracy, impressive readability, ample storage, and connectivity options. Based on these features, the gadget would be a legitimate candidate for the top spot, except for its high battery consumption.

Reliable Sensors

This device is equipped with reliable sensors that deliver accurately and a wide range of data. An electronic compass and barometric altimeter are built into the device. You can use the sensors to measure altitude, speed, pressure, compass, ambient temperature, and distance.

Wireless Connectivity

Would you like to share the information about your trip with everyone else? It’s worth looking at the Garmin eTrex30 again if your answer is a YES to that question. You can share tracks, waypoints, geocaches, and routes wirelessly with friends and family. 


  • The ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry.
  • A powerful 64K display makes the equipment a good outdoor companion.
  • For top-notch accuracy and precision, it is equipped with high-quality sensors.
  • Sharing trail data is easy thanks to the wireless connection.
  • It comes with sufficient internal space and good external support for expandability.


  • Battery life is short on this device.

#3. Garmin Drive 60

Garmin’s Drive 60 is a great choice for anyone looking for a highly functional GPS for trail riding without spending a lot of money. With a price of less than $200, it is one of the most affordable off-road navigation devices available. Despite this, it has many impressive features.

Timely Updates

Firstly, it is important to note that the device delivers updates instantly and on-time. You will not get lost as the GPS will inform you about sharp turns, red lights, and other significant features. The device will also alert you to fatigue.

Easy to Operate

You don’t want to invest in a device that you cannot use. It features a large display that provides you with information on the current street, speed limit, current speed, and the expected arrival time. These features make the device pretty easy to use.

Compatible with A BabyCam

This device can be spiced up by adding a BabyCam. This ensures that you are able to monitor your child easily from the back seat. Consequently, convenience and safety are enhanced.


  • Alerts you to what’s coming.
  • Your current location is constantly acquired.
  • The device doesn’t require any technical knowledge.


  • The battery lasts for just a single hour but is equally fast to charge.

#2. Megellan TN1710 SGLUC

With a 7-inch high-resolution screen, the Magellan TN1710 SGLUC is perfect for fans of large screens. That’s bigger than many tablets. Therefore, you find a screen where you can see everything you need.

Track Your Trail

Track your trail while driving or riding with the device.  You can save memorable scenes and waypoints in this manner. As a result, you are able to create a route with memorable landmarks and waypoints which can be used in the future or shared with others.

Detailed Navigation

Magellan’s TN1710 SGLUC is the ultimate device for anyone seeking accurate and detailed guidance.ys every turn in your trail to ensure that you stay within your route. At the same time, it gives you the details of every street in case you are in a city or town.

Several Preloaded Routes

Lastly, the device comes with hundreds of preloaded routes and maps. to venture into virgin environments, you can download or receive maps from friends. Interestingly, the device comes with sufficient space to store additional maps.


  • It has an 8-inch touchscreen that is large and easy to use.
  • It contains more than 160,000 routes as well as satellite maps.
  • The device features a detailed turn by turn trail navigation.


  • The preloaded maps are not very easy to find and use

#1. Garmin GPSMAP 64ST

The Garmin GPSMAP 64ST is our top pick for the best GPS for ATV trail riding. Garmin is the industry leader in the production of high-quality navigation equipment, and that explains its dominance in this ranking. Therefore, we do not support this brand in any way. Among the many features of the 64ST is the integrated off-road navigation system.

Readable 2.6-inch Display

Despite not being among the largest screens available, the screen boasts superior readability capabilities. Even in direct sunlight, it guarantees a sharp display. This feature ensures that you can view your location and other details without strain.

Large Internal Memory

Wouldn’t it be great to own an ATV GPS device that has an internal memory of 8 GB? Of course, that’s larger than the internal storage of most budget smartphones. However, a new rider might wonder what to do with all the storage. To store trail information and photos, you can use it. Maps and routes can also be saved. 

Long Battery Life

A NiMH battery inbuilt in the device can last for up to 16 hours of continuous use. That is equivalent to a full day of trail riding. As a backup, you may wish to prepare a few AA batteries. The device utilizes a dual battery system; therefore, two AA batteries will be needed.


  • It boasts a long battery life of up to 16 hours.
  • In the event that you run out of power, the dual battery system allows you to use AA batteries.
  • Off-road use is possible due to its waterproof nature.
  • Garmin Connect makes it easy to connect to smartphones.


  • You may need to turn off some features like GLONASS and Bluetooth when not in use due to their high battery consumption.


Question: Is There a Difference Between a GPS for ATV Trail Riding and a GPS for UTV Trail Riding?

There is no difference between a GPS for ATV Trail Riding and a GPS for UTV Trail Riding, as all GPS trackers use the same technology – triangulation. Triangulation helps you pinpoint your position or the location of your vehicle. While a GPS tracker for ATVs can be used interchangeably, it is important to consider weatherproof options when shopping.

Question: Does a GPS for ATV trail riding help to deter ATV thefts?

If your ATV has smartphone connectivity, you will be alerted when it moves without your permission using GPS for ATV trail riding. Additionally, such devices can be used for tracking the vehicle.

Question: What types of batteries do GPS devices use?

Rechargeable NiMH batteries power GPS devices. There are some models that have dual batteries and will use AA cells when the internal batteries run out.


Folks, we come to the end of this article.

You should now be able to select a good GPS system for ATV trail riding from the list above. The models above differ in a number of ways, but all of them are suitable for off-road riding.

Aside from their amazing connectivity options, they offer high storage capacities, reliable displays, and a high level of mapping accuracy. It is clear that there is a model that can fit any budget. As the overall best GPS for ATV trail riding, our editors selected the Garmin GPSMAP 64ST. A number of factors influenced the decision, including its versatility, long battery life, dual power system, and readable display.

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